About me

Some words about me.

My name is Steven Mouret, I’m a french UX/UI developer and accessibility expert.

I have been working for many years in accessibility and I was mainly trained by Atalan and Braillenet association that is member of the W3C.

I became an expert in 2012 following several training and certification courses.

I don’t want to tell you that accessibility is good for search engines, that it improves ergonomics, that it makes it easier to see content on your smartphone in direct sunlight and many others.

These things are true but we do not make accessibility for that, we do it to give everyone equal opportunities in our society.

Digital technology is an opportunity to build this society. To do this, applications and websites must be designed and built according to the principles of digital accessibility.

I have gathered on this website many resources on accessibility and more specifically on the French reference system the RGAA (French government’s general guideline for accessibility improvement).