Presentation of information

Use style sheets to control information presentation. Check for the effect of font size increasing on readability. Ensure that links can be correctly identified, that focus is specified, that line spacing is sufficient, and give the user the ability to control text justification. Ensure that hidden texts are correctly rendered and that information is not conveyed only by an element’s shape, size or location.


  • Use CSS to control the presentation of information.
  • Compare the same page with the activated styles and make sure that no content elements have disappeared.
  • Make sure that the contents remain understandable and that their succession in the source code is consistent.
  • Do not define font sizes in pixels.
  • Avoid setting box heights in pixels.
  • The overflow:hidden property must be used with care.
  • It is preferable to define breakpoints in em or rem.
  • Background colors for texts must be defined or inherited from a parent.
  • Ensure that links can be correctly identified.
  • Never define values for outline properties that would degrade its visibility.
  • Display hidden texts correctly.
  • Do not give information only by shape, size or position.