Page title

Impact: Strong to major

Users mainly impacted: Blind, visually impaired, motor, mental and cognitive disabilities.

RGAA criteria: Criterion 8.5 [A] - Criterion 8.6 [A]


Page titles are the first information available to users and serve as the basis for browsers to produce a navigation history or list of open tabs.

In their absence or irrelevance, the blind, the severely visually impaired and the mentally or cognitively handicapped will have great difficulty finding a page in the navigation history or in the list of open tabs.

When pages are part of a process, blind and severely visually impaired people who use a screen reader may not understand the process.

Finally, when the page is bookmarked, the absence of a title or lack of relevance will force these users to systematically modify the proposed title, which can make the use of a site complex, especially for people with motor disabilities.

The page title is in most cases only updated after a page reload and not when there are client-side changes. Client side errors are handled directly in JS.


Consider making the page title relevant in the case of a process.

When there is a pagination

Imagine that we have 28 results in total with 10 results displayed per page and we are on the second page.

<title>News, Page 2 to 3, Name of my website</title>

When filtering in a search or list view

When it has a search or a filtering by keyword and categories. In this case, indicate the number of results, the keywords searched and why not a filtering category. In case there is more than one category, indicate the number of categories activated only.

<title>Results of the news for the terms city, 2 filters activated, 7 results, Page 1 to 2, Name of my website</title>

When there is a server side error in a form

<title>5 Error(s), Contact, Name of my website</title>

When there is a process in a procedure or a form

<title>Verify your information, Contact, Name of the website</title>
<title>Successful sending, Contact, Name of the website</title>

When there are no results to a search or when filtering a list view.

<title>Search results for the term(s) city, No results, Name of the website</title>